Our SHPE 2017-2018 Board


Maria Garcia Baeza

President | [email protected]

Hi, my name is Maria Baeza and I am SacSHPE's president for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am currently a 3rd year studying Mechanical Engineering. I was part of the Jr. SHPE Chapter in high school since 2013. The sense of familia has kept me in SHPE for nearly 4 years. Over the years, I have developed leadership and networking skills, that I will be able to pass along to our members. I hope that over this new academic year I help our members develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

Evelyn Delgado

Vice President | [email protected]

Hello SHPE Familia! Welcome to Region 1, CSUS SHPE Student Chapter! I am your 2017-2018 SHPE Vice President. I am currently a third year studying Civil Engineering. I have 2 younger siblings and my parents are both from Mexico. Pura sangre Guanajuatense y Michoacana! I love any type of music except for most of country and I love to dance. Je parle un peu de Francais aussi! I love watching Korean Dramas. So, if you want to kick back, watch some K- Dramas, eat pizza and wear face masks as we drink some lemonade… hit me up. I look forward to meeting many new members and seeing our familia grow. This year is sure to be jampacked with many new adventures and opportunities for you to develop your professional, leadership and communication skills. If you need any help feel free to reach out to any of the board members. “Familia unida jamas sera vencida!”

Gery Dawson Martinez

Communications Executive | [email protected]

Hello everyone, I'm Gery Dawson Martinez! I am your current Communications Executive. I am also a third-year transfer student. I am aiming for my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have been a part of SHPE for a short time, but SHPE has quickly become mi familia. Since I have joined SHPE, it has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual; personally and professionally. I put together those informative newsletters that are sent to you every week, so read them. Get involved in SHPE and you won’t regret it.

Jorge Orellana

Treasurer | [email protected]

Hi, everyone! My name is Jorge Orellana and I am currently a fourth year studying Computer Science. This is my second year being a part of SHPE, and it truly has enriched my college experience. SHPE is a great place to network with different companies from different backgrounds. SHPE allows students to expand their professional skills which will be beneficial even after graduation. I enjoy working with others and I look forward to seeing you all. Let’s have a great school year!


Jesus Nuñez

Director of Outreach | [email protected]

Hi I’m Jesus Nuñez, Computer Engineering major, and the Outreach Director of SHPE. I’m a second-year transfer student here at Sacramento State. I came from the small city of Porterville, when I moved to Sacramento I was surprised by how big it was. I had one friend here, so I didn’t have much people to socialize with or to share my passion for the world of engineering. I joined SHPE because I wanted to feel that I belonged somewhere in school and to become comfortable in the life in university. SHPE does feel like a familia, even after just a year, I have the feeling of belonging and that’s why I decided to become an officer. I chose to become part of Outreach, where I became involved more within the chapter. Outreach gave me the opportunity to get involved in the community around Sacramento and it helped me with the opportunity to share my love for STEM with others. I am always up to help others succeed in whatever they need me to, so feel free to ask for help when needed. My hobbies include playing video games rarely, watching Netflix and anime for hours, exploring Sacramento whenever I get the chance, and working at one of the best places to work at, Starbucks. I am looking forward to meeting the new members and connecting with the returning members. In SHPE you should feel comfortable with all of us and don’t ever shy away from the new opportunities the Sacramento State Engineering has to offer.

Josue Zuniga

Director of Academics | [email protected]

Hello, my name is Josue Zuniga and I am the director of academics. I am majoring in civil engineering and I am excited for this upcoming semester. I am a transfer student from American River College where I earned an A.S. Physical Science/ Mathematics degree and an A.A. Social Science degree and plan to graduate from Sacramento State with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. I also plan to earn my master’s degree following my Bachelor’s. I am the assistant director of Mathnasium, a math tutoring company, where I help students build confidence and become comfortable doing math. I volunteer for the Sacramento public library as a GED tutor and help students obtain their GED. Outside of scholastic endeavors I like to stay active and try various sports. I have competed in a CrossFit competition and a weightlifting competition. I play soccer and basketball as often as I can and I like to try something new on a regular basis. I would like to encourage and motivate every one of our members to make academic success a priority. I will do my best to provide the right tools for everyone to be successful. Let’s get to know each other and make learning both rewarding and enjoyable. You can always reach me if you would like to have a good conversation or need some guidance or advice. I’m here to listen and help where I can.

Shifali Mengi

Director of Membership | [email protected]

Hi, my name is Shifali Mengi and I am going to be your Director of Membership. Currently, I am a second year in Computer Engineering. I am not Hispanic, but that does not keep me from being passionate about SHPE. I am a very approachable person and enjoy helping those so feel free to let me know if you need anything. My hobbies are hiking and learning a new activity. I am always going to the gym so if you want someone to go to the gym with you can always ask me. I enjoy learning new activities right now I am learning to box. I love sports so expect a lot of sports events this year from me a hint if you like baseball, soccer, or basketball these events will be just right for you. Feel free to approach me if you have any concern, ideas, or just want to come by and have a conversation with someone.

Diego Ruiz

Director of Events | [email protected]

Hey all! My name is Diego Ruiz and I’m your events coordinator for this year. I’m a third year mechanical engineering major and have been a part of SHPE for all three. Like most engineers, I game, study, eat, and sleep somewhere in between. I’m generally a friendly guy, sometimes a bit awkward at first, but I get better as I get to know people so I hope to meet many of you at my events! Being a part of SHPE wasn’t my idea, I was kind of just absorbed while sitting at a table with some friends. However, I have absolutely no regrets. Being in SHPE has allowed me to make friends of all kinds and be a part of a whole other family. SHPE is here to support you, help you succeed in this long daunting road called engineering.

Christian Watt

Director of Professional Development | [email protected]

As Director of Professional Development I, Christian Watt, promote professional development in both my committee and our SHPE familia! The first thing the professional development committee will do is commit to monthly meeting for this upcoming year; this is to keep both my committee and SHPE’s members informed and up to date on important professional development opportunities. We will reach out to as many professionals as we can this upcoming year to share their experience with you during our general meetings so they can tell you how they got to where they are. Companies such as the SMUD and Tesla are just a few companies that we will try to coordinate with. We will also bring useful info to SHPE’s meetings involving professional development opportunities. Bringing to the table career fairs, job opportunities, scholarships, and all of those important internship opportunities! To get you ready for these events our committee will discuss resume workshops to help out our fellow members. Naturally as an engineering student people ask the question “do you have a life?” and say “all I do is see you guys study!”. Although this may be slightly true it is not wrong to say that we also do have outside lives separate from our studies. When I’m not busy studying or working I enjoy activities such as running, paintballing, snowboarding, and even flying planes! I once had a dream of becoming a pilot; a soon to be reality. I once had a dream of completing a 100 mile endurance run; something that I have accomplished and intend to accomplish again. I once had a dream that I would be able to complete college with an engineering degree; here I am as a first year college student and junior mechanical engineering in the making. Although I may seem to do these things for myself, I really hope to accomplish major goals, aim for the skies, and run that extra mile in order to inspire anyone who I get the chance to meet! Feel free to say hi or just ask a question any time whenever I’m around and I look forward to being your Director for Professional Development for the year of 2017!

Elayna Mascareno

Director of Fundraising | [email protected]

Hi everyone! Welcome to SHPE. My name is Elayna Mascareno and I am your Fundraising Chair for this new school year. A little bit about myself is that I am a civil engineering major and this will be my third year at Sacramento State. I enjoy watching movies and TV shows. My favorite ones are horror movies. I’ve been part of SHPE for the past two years. It has given me a lot of opportunities to grow into a professional individual. There is a lot of benefits that SHPE has to offer. So I encourage everyone to take advantage of those. I strongly believe that all of our members have the potential to grow into strong leaders. My advice is to be active in our club. Join a committee. Join my committee. I guarantee you all won’t regret joining our chapter.


Giuliana Gaglianone

Historian | [email protected]

Hi! My name is Giuliana Gaglianone (AKA Gigi) and I am the 2017-2018 Historian. I am a second year student studying Civil Engineering. Here is little bit about me: I love to dance and watch Netflix, I try to always have a positive attitude, and I love talking to people. I am super excited to be a part of the SHPE board this year. I want to strengthen the bond of the wonderful SHPE familia we have and make this year’s SHPE program amazing. I strive to work hard and inspire to be a better version of myself everyday.

Jesus Lopez Reynosa

Webmaster | [email protected]

Hello, I am Jesus Lopez Reynosa and I am SHPE’s Webmaster for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am currently a Senior studying Computer Science (w/ a Math Minor). I eventually want to take my Computer Science career into Cryptography and Security since I believe that all people deserve to have secure computers and communications, since they handle so much of our personal information and our everyday lives. I not only want to bring more technology such as analytical data and better membership/officer portals, but I also want to share my experience in Engineering in Sac State and let our members feel at home here at SHPE.

Teneha Sandoval

Junior Chapter Representative | [email protected]

Hello! My name is Teneha Sandoval, I am a computer science major, and I am the Jr. Chapter Representative for the 2017-2018 academic year. I grew up in a smaller town deep in the San Joaquin Valley, and transferred to Sacramento State. When I transferred I was looking for something to be a part of and found my way to SHPE, and ever since my first meeting, I have always felt welcomed. Within SHPE you will instantly connect with like-minded people, as well as, grow professionally, socially, academically, and mentally; Overall, SHPE brings so much opportunity into your college experience. Within my position as the Jr. Chapter Representative, my goal this year is to help high school students in the Jr. Chapter prepare for their academic success beyond high school. I would also like to help students recognise the abundant opportunities and careers that come from majoring in STEM. When I’m not doing homework or studying, I enjoy weightlifting, running, swimming, going to concerts, reading, watching a variety of tv shows, and exploring northern California (I, basically, try to dabble in everything). Can’t wait to meet you all, and feel free to say ‘Hi’ anytime!

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